Sarah West:

"Angelical Transmission"

As it conveys the reality of being emanations effusing from the Divine Realm, from Eternity, from the Source of Creation, from the Heart of All Matter, The Infamous Void, The Cosmic Silence births the Silent Sound, the whirlpool of Creation, Bliss unites and ushers the Sound, Pure, Luminous, Vast and Concentrated, like an infusion of God, Presence, Glory which you Are. Remembering Home, Om, Aum, the Alpha and the Omega, One, Grace, United, in all, that, we, Are. Love. Perfection in an Instant. One moment that is Forever!

Levi Chen: "Liquid Garden"

A musical meditation on the flow of liquid, the nourishing quality of the garden.

"Himalayan Sunrise"
"Last Train To Pluto"

A meditation with the guitar: "himalayan sunrise" a play in raga-style, whereas "last train to pluto" more repetetive in style of minimal music . . .

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