SpiritArt started at March 13, 1998 in order to establish a space to display spiritual a r t on the web:
  • photography,
  • paintings,
  • drawings,
  • web-art,
  • video-art, and
  • music;
  • a vision to have a place where solely spiritual art can be presented; Martin Linde and Jonathan M. Rosen were the first contributing artists. Currently SpiritArt hosts over 20 different artists works.

    Our goal is to provide a site where you can enjoy spiritual art, and rest for a moment beside all rush of the world-wide-web. Art is the language of the soul, and art has many forms, we would like to support some approaches of spiritual art here with the state-of-the-art technology.

        "Can someone share spirituality?" I asked myself many times. Maybe not-- besides all the claims, spirituality is a living spirit, in action, and each action each individual has to do by one's self.

        What is art? Art is for me, in the truest sense of the word, "channeling" spirit, truth and beauty, and the purer it's channeled by the artist, the more it can reach the viewer or listener. What is truth? What is beauty? Isn't it all relative? . . .

        I don't see it all as relative, but I see a core from where all values derive from, where there is an ultimate truth, and beauty, especially speaking of art, and yet, I don't claim to know it, but I claim to recognize it when I see it. It's the awe arising from within. Art is for me, not talking sophisticatedly about a picture in the gallery of a museum, art is everywhere . . .

        Art is found in everything, foremost in life itself, and life in itself is the art of spirit becoming human. Within that journey to create this piece of art called life, we create art again, manifesting spirit through life: action, non-action, doing, resting, moving, stillness, flow, and silence.

        We extend our spirits into the physical, and with it, we go further and create things "outside" ourselves, to create ourselves once again . . .

        All civilizations on Earth used art as sign of devotion to what they understood to be the highest source: nature, the sun or moon, a deity, a god or goddess; in order to remember the source of their beingness. This is for me the foremost meaning of art.

        For me personally, words such as "Spirituality," "Art," or even "God," remain just words, when there is no connected action or realization. That is also one of the reasons I try to avoid the use of those words, as they mean a lot to me, but used inproperly they lose their true meaning. May this site be not words without meaning, but an approach of presenting art by dedicated people, and may it reach you, within . . .

    Love & Peace,

    René K. Mueller
    April 1, 1998

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