The contributing artists:

  • Martin Linde: webart, animations
  • Jonathan Martin Rosen: still art, photographies
  • Sarah West: channeled angelical singing
  • Patty Sands: psychic paintings
  • Celeste Korsholm: psychic paintings
  • Patrick Vidal: visionary paintings
  • Melinda Fawver: digital art
  • Lise Nilsen: psychic art
  • Beth Budesheim: paintings
  • Johnny Asia: guitar music
  • Levi Chen: guitar music
  • SkyDancer: digital art
  • James Francis Yax: inner visions
  • Chet Davis: Millennimyths
  • Jorn Endresen: trance-art
  • Ashlyn Price: computer art
  • Aya: mandala art
  • Daniel B. Holeman: mystic art
  • Willow Arlenea: shaman art
  • Darren Cole: digital art
  • Nicole Mizoguchi: visionary art
  • Camilo Villanueva: visionary art
  • Matthew Cohn: contempary art
  • J. Ann Masiker: psychic art
  • Rosemary Wessel: visionary art

  • René K. Müller: webmaster

  • All art is copyrighted by the corresponding artists, the artwork is provided for web-viewing and personal use (such as print-outs). If you like to use the artwork for web-sites, or commercial purpose please contact the corresponding artist direct.

    Several groups, institutions and even individuals helped us to get spiritart running, either with contributions or art-related assistance:

  • Bridging Heaven & Earth TV-Show:Sarah West and Levi Chen music contribution.
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        jonathan m. rosen
        martin linde
        sarah west
        patty sands
        patrick vidal
        melinda fawver
        lise nilsen
        beth budesheim
        chet davis
        jorn endresen
        ashlyn price
        daniel b. holeman
        willow arlenea
        darren cole
        nicole mizoguchi
        camilo villanueva
        matthew cohn
        j. ann masiker
        rosemary wessel
        rene k. mueller

    all text, graphics & video copyright © 1998 - 2005 by