"The Artist on a Recent Field Trip"

Jonathan Martin Rosen has been working with light for the last 30 years. As a young man, he studied with Willard Van Dyke, one of the founders of the f64 group of photographers, student of Edward Weston and Curator of Film at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Jonathan began to actively exhibit his work in 1984 and has had over 80 exhibitions since.

Transcendental Landscapes by Jonathan Martin Rosen:

A Deep Valley, 1982
Crack The Sky, 1982
Glow Trees, 1984
Greek Thing, 1984
Interesting Flagpole, 1984
Irvington Pines, 1980
Japanese Tree, 1982
Lunarscape, 1982
My Dream, 1980
The Gatehouse, 1980
The Road, 1982
Two Kids, 1982
Portal, 1984
Tree With Bare Branches, 1984
Animal, 1984
Dark Tree, 1984
Marshlands, 1982

Artist's Statement

'Life After Death' Portfolio
a body of transcendental landscapes
Jonathan Martin Rosen After I completed my first major body of work 'Streets,' I cast about searching for a new vision. After the completion of another portfolio 'Yielding Up the Ghost.' I started the 'Life After Death' series and have been in process with it ever since. In regards to the title of the portfolio, I wanted a name which I felt conveyed going beyond the concept of the here and now, beyond life as we know it on this planet we call the Earth.

In approaching the landscape I consider the light, the elements in the frame. Do they converge together and form a totality energy system? I look for the soul in the landscape and the landscape of the soul. Two artists whose work I try to emulate are William Blake, with his wonderful light and energies and Vincent Van Gogh, his madly swirling lines. Finally, does the piece have that quality of transcendence?

Jonathan Martin Rosen passed away May 2, 1999 as we were informed from a close friend. If you are interested in the artwork for an exhibition or sold work please contact Beth Merriman <[email protected]>

  • Born: New York City, 1954.
  • Lives and works in New York City
  • School of Visual Arts 1975-76, still photography major, art history minor, B. F. A.

  • State University of New York at Purchase, 1972-74, film major.
  • Selected One Person Exhibitions:

  • Ongoing Exhibition: The River Gallery, Irvington, NY
    Gallery Hours, Mon. - Sat. 11-6 pm Sun, 12-5pm
    49 Main Street
    phone 914 591 6208

  • July 1998: Art on Main Street, Dobbs Ferry NYGallery Hours, Call, Phone 914 674 917126 Main Street
    exhibition runs, July 30th-August 30th
    Opening 6-8pm on Thrusday, July 30th

  • 1998 River Gallery, Irvington, NY The Main Street Gallery, Dobbs Ferry, NY

  • 1994 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

  • 1993 Carnegie Center for the Arts, Leavenworth, KS

  • 1992 Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

  • 1991 Execucom Corporate Gallery, Austin, TX Educational Testing Service Corporate Gallery, Princeton, NJ

  • 1990 En Foco, NY, NY Helio Galleries, NY, NY

  • 1987 Nicholas Roerich Museum, NY, NY

  • 1985 Neither Nor, NY, NY

  • 1984 Bronx Museum, NY, NY Midtown Y Photography Gallery, NY, NY

  • Selected Group Exhibitions:
  • July 1998: Palisades Gallery, Dobbs Ferry, NY
    Gallery Hours, Wed. -Sun 1-5pm
    79 Main Street
    phone 914 674 2071
    exhibition dates, July 1-31th
    opening Sunday July 5th, 2-5pm

  • 1998 Starving Artist Gallery, 'Spring Collection,' NY, NY

  • 1997 Thread Waxing Space, 'Art for Kids Sake,' NY, NY New York City Transit Museum/Michael Ingbar Gallery, 'TheSubway Show,' NY, NY Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, 'Sales and RentalGallery,' Cleveland, OH Nardin Galleries, 'Farewell Exhibition,' Somers, NY

  • 1996 Thread Waxing Space, 'Art for Kids Sake,' NY, NY Bronx Museum, 'Bronx Spaces,' NY, NY Longwood Arts Gallery, 'Bronx Salon,' NY, NY Stone Road, 'Mystical Visions,' Easthampton, NY

  • 1994 Castellani Art Museum, 'Consuming Passions,' Niagara, NY. Barney's 'Red Windows,' NYC

  • 1993 Wave Hill, 'In and Out of the Garden,' NYC

  • 1992 Brent Gallery, Houston, TX. Tampa Museum of Art, 'Donors to the Museum Collection,' Tampa, Fl Evanston Arts Center for the Visual Arts, 'Artful Nature,'Evanston, IL Felissimo Universal USA, 'Winter Landscape,' NY, NY

  • 1991 Arnot Art Museum, 'Seven Visions:The Spirit of Religion,' Elmira,NY The Roberson Center for the Arts + Sciences, Binghampton, NY PepsiCo World Headquarters Corporate Gallery, Purchase, NY The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA

  • 1990 Cleveland Photographic Workshop, '3rd Annual National Exhibition,'Cleveland, Ohio. Frank Bernarducci Gallery, 'Invitational,' NY, NY Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • 1989 Frank Bernarducci Gallery, NY, NY Helio Galleries, 'Paper, Paper,' NY, NY

  • 1988 Bridgewater Gallery, 'The New Romantics,' NY, NY Frank Bernarducci Gallery, 'Benefit Art Auction, The Children'sMuseum,' NY, NY

  • 1987 Ammo Exhibition Space, 'Expanding Views, Vanishing Points' NY, NY Bridgewater Gallery, 'Art Talks,' NY, NY Helio Galleries, NY, NY Circlework Visions, 'Urban Plight/Urban Light,' NY, NY

  • 1986 Ammo Exhibition Space, 'Teenage Art' NY, NY Bridgewater Gallery, 'Cooler in the Shade,' NY, NY Helio Galleries, 'December Fa La La,' NY, NY L'Ambiente/Mary McCarthey Galleries 'Painting, Sculpture,Photography,' NY, NY Houston Center for Photography, 'Auction Benefit,' Houston, TX

  • 1985 Eastman Wahmendorf, NYC. Lasser Galleries, 'August Exhibition,' NY, NY Michael Katz Gallery, 'ProCreations,' NY, NY Now Gallery, NYC. Hudson Guild, 'A Celebration of Place,' NYC

  • 1984 Bronx Museum, 'Artist in the Marketplace,' NY, NY

  • 1997 B.R.I.O. award, the Bronx Council on the Arts
  • 1994 ' '
  • 1990 ' '
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         japanese tree, 19..
         lunarscape, 1982
         my dream, 1980
         the gatehouse, 19..
         the road, 1982
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         dark tree, 1984
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