For me artwork is another language, the language of soul; it allows me to speak and express aspects of my own which otherwise cannot be expressed with ordinary writings as essays or poetry; the form and color, the taste and tone. Artwork is always a reflection, closer or farther away, the closer the more it is touching us and reminds us of The Divine Beauty.

I started and maintain SpiritArt, beside SpiritArt I maintained also SpiritWeb til end of 2002, and closed it August 2003 officially.

Light Series
Contempary Artwork (Digital)

The Art of Clouds

Intuitive Scribble
Experimental (Digital)

Bubbles of Light
Contempary Artwork (Digital)

I Am The Light
Channeling & Contempary Art (Digital)

Fractal Surf
Interactive Artwork

The Sphere
Contempary Artwork (Digital)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...

Beauty of Numbers
Feature & Channeling

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     the light series
     i am the light
     the art of clouds
     intuitive scribbl..
     bubbles of light

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