Lise Nilsen is born in 1955 far up north in Norway, almost as far as possible to go on the european continent.

She started painting with watercolor in 1986, because she needed to get in contact with her own creativity. Mostly self-taught as an artist, but has been to workshops with among else Jeanne Dobie in Florida.

She loves clear color, and found that art was something to do in the middle of the night, when evrything is silent and calm. And a couple of years later, she did her first spiritual artwork. She hid them under the sofa for years, only a few persons saw the work. Seven years later she had 72 artworks and 144 texts, a serie called "Opening mind". She published a few of them on the web, and people loved what they saw. The art made them calm and happy. (All of these watercolor 42x30cm)

During this process she found out that she was painting energy and feelings, and could in a way connect to other peoples mind and do their painting. She is today an amateur artist, and originally educated a silversmith, but has been working with screenprinting for some years. Spiritual art belongs to the world. Technically and as art it is a strong genre, and people can use it as tools in their personal growth and processes. A picture tells more than a thousand words, that touches feelings, and she experienced that they get "hang up" in a picture for a while, and later to go for another. She does the same herself. Her own spiritual growth has had a great help form the artwork.

The energy-series (1999) was sort of a break-through, and , is describing patterns and movements of energy. The patterns in our brains, in the universe, the actual transforming/creation of life, and physical movement, it is all the same, like a battery or transformator in which we all are integrated. (All of these watercolor 30x20cm)

The winter 1999/2000 she is working on the 2001-series, a spiritual journey through a year. At time writing she is still working with these. (All of these watercolor 42x30cm)

She actually does not like to describe to people in straight words what they see in most of the artwork, the watcher should listen to his own feeling, and feel the energy in the painting and make his own words. She hopes one day to be able to publish the "Opening Mind" series in four small books.

You can reach Lise Nilsen at <[email protected]> - more pictures you find on her site

Energy #1
Energy #4
Energy #5
Energy #7
Energy #10
Energy #12
Energy #13
Energy #15
Energy #16
Energy #21
Energy #22
Energy #24

Now I see
Child Inside Me
Flame In Me

Crystal Heart
Memory of Time
Time To Be

Kvinneutstillingen, Voss kunstlag 1993
Norwegian rail Bergensbanen (2 exhibitions) 1995
Galleri AK 1995
Nordlys, Finnsnes 1995
Unique Design 1996
Kinokjelleren, Voss 1997
All inn the art club Asapaletten since 1994
(Den Norske Bank, Galleri Koppen og Gamle Bergen.)
Den Ene Bergen 1999

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     energy #1
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     energy #5
     energy #7
     energy #10
     energy #12
     energy #13
     energy #15
     energy #16
     energy #21
     energy #22
     energy #24
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