In the process of creating we can connect with something deep inside, something that has wisdom and potential for bringing us to new places within ourselves and bringing greater insight,passion and joy to our lives. I explore the nature of Essence in my images as a result of the intense inner gazing that is the process of my artmaking. I hope for the images to move the viewer beyond the physical into the etheric & Spirit in a way that brings one to greater awareness of their own inner truth & beauty.

My wish is that that viewer be guided towards the truth within and feel more connected to their own beautiful Essence. For in connecting with your Essence, you connect with you true Self and this is where truth,wisdom,beauty,and joy may be found.

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"Beth's painting captured the experience I was having beautifully!"
"Beth's art seeks to manifest the depth of a woman's experience"
Diane Tegtmeier


Beth Budesheim's work is not only beautiful art, it is beyond the dimension of a canvas or a wall. Her work tells a story and evokes emotion. I commissioned Beth to create several murals, signs. business cards and letterhead for my healing center. The nature of my business encompasses the senses and how this may affect one's well being. For this reason, the artwork was critical in how it would need to portray a special energy of image, color, and light to complete the desired intention. I also knew this project would require a certain kind of artisan who would understand the sacredness of what was being created. She fit this picture perfectly.

Beth painted three large murals one of which was an entire room . . . I also had Beth paint an oversized portrait for a gift. This piece not only spoke to the person it was made for, but also connected to my heart in more ways that I c an explain. It became a personal message of love being whispered through the color and images displayed on the canvas. When you see someone's talent you see their potential. When you support such potential it becomes a gift in many different forms. You begin to see the gift within yourself and how the flow of beauty, love and living a sacred life is created. This is what I see through the artwork of Beth Budesheim.

Terry Cullen
Hummingbird Song House of Healing

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