My work is experiential and reflective of different states of growth along my own spiritual ourney. An expression of the energies of the etheric, emotional, mental and physical selves, many of these paintings illustrate interactions on a subtle level.

I started seriously creating art in high school, happy with the new-found way of expressing inner thoughts and dreams. However, it was during my years as an art student in college that my life changed radically with a shift in consciousness. Having used meditation as a way of combatting a long-term illness for about a year, I suddenly found the floodgates to a new level of perception swinging open, leaving me with the deepest sense of well-being I had ever experienced and a heightened awareness of the energies surround me and everything I came in contact with.

Previously concerned with a literal, illustrative style of art, this experience left me looking for ways to express something that could not be described in words or sounds. This personal shift in perception required shifts in artistic technique to adequately express these experiences.

Trying to capture the vibrant nature of these levels of energy, I started out by applying oil paint to a flat canvas using a pallette knife. This gave the paintings and increasingly sculptural quality that just didn't seem to go far enough. Eventually, I found that sculpting the canvas using plaster gauze, paper and various materials began to express the physical elements of the subject matter. The rest of the canvas remained the domain of subtle energies.

Since then, I have seen the subject matter of my paintings change with the levels of attention and growth that I have experienced. And the journey continues today . . . .

Felt Not Seen
Gotta Go
Emergence (Detail)

B.A. Fine Art, 1987. Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, USA
Specializing in drawing and painting.

M.S. Design, 1995, University of Massachusetts - Amherst in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Specializing in Architectural Studies

Reiki Master/Teacher, 2000, from Reiki M/Ts Sandra Jack & Barbara
LaBonte, southwestern Massachusetts, USA

Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Vermont Southeast Regional Library, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
MoonBrook Gallery. Rutland, Vermont, USA
Calvin Coolidge Library, Castleton, Vermont, USA

Brooks Library, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Sassafrass Gallery, Keene, New Hampshire, USA
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

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