Celeste Korsholm is a visionary artist, clairvoyant, teacher, and lecturer with a master's degree in fine arts from Penn State University. Her visionary soul portraits, paintings, prints, and greeting cards can be found in fine galleries, offices, and homes throughout the country.

Celeste has developed a unique way of expressing the soul's essence and thus making vast spiritual resources accessible for use in everyday life. During a session, she meditates with the individual subject in person or in a photograph. She looks clairvoyantly beyond the outer physical mask to the greater reality of the Divine Spirit within and invites the soul's accumulated love, wisdom, and power to flow through her consciousness. As an artist, Celeste can express this energy in deeply significant colors and symbols. She also makes a taped interpretation as she draws. She can reveal spirit guides, past life and life purpose images and information. In her relationship portraits, she can show couples the karmic bonds and mutual lessons that draw them together lifetime after lifetime. The result is a deeper understanding of one's essential goodness and contribution to the Divine Plan.

If you like to get such a soul-portrait for yourself, please contact us by email [email protected], or write Celeste & Jananda, P.O. Box 4044 Sedona AZ 86340

Consider to visit her web-site at SpiritOfSedona: Celeste and SpiritSite.Net: Celeste.

Archangel Gabriel
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Adonis - Planet: Venus
Enoch - Planet: Earth
Croesus - Planet: Mars
Hermes - Planet: Mercury
Horus - Planet: Sun
Jove - Planet: Jupiter
Lao-Tzu - Planets: Pluto & Vulcan
Merlin - Planet: Neptune
Quetzalcoatl - Planet: Uranus
Solaris Kumara - Planet: The Spiritual Sun
Zoroaster - Planet: Saturn

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