These six paintings are inspired works. The Artist paints the Angels that she has been blessed to see. They come to her in waves of light and color. She paints until she senses the light and love she feels in their presence. It is her hope that they radiate love where they are placed and are a blessing to the world.

Patricia Sands has always been sensitive visually to the spiritual realms. As she grew in age and maturity, more channels were opened to her. There were many hallmark events in her life starting with a near-death experience she had when she was in her teens. What she experienced, saw and was told helped her understand her life and her figts to the world. She feeks vert blessed to be able to raise her family and paint her Angels all the time now. Her art has been well received, the best compliment she recalls was that it seemed the Angels allowed their essence to remain for they radiated such love

She uses mixed media such as oil paint and pastels on paper to create her Angels. To see a larger selection of her paintings or to inquire about purchasing one, please visit her website at or email her at [email protected]. She sells both large originals in various sices and small prints and is available to answer any questions you may have.

Blue Angels
Ingrids Angels
Garden Fairie

These paintings may not be copied without permission from the Artist.

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