I created my series of spirit paintings in order to take the viewer on an inner journey, deep inside where they know in their hearts and souls that a beautiful and loving existence in spirit form follows this life. When I sit down to start one of my paintings, I don't plan the outcome, I just let my unconsious take over and tap into unseen realms.

Angelic Realm
Guardian Angel
Healing Angels
Spiritual Reunion
Spirit Guide

Visionary artist J. Ann Masiker studied painting at the college level at the University of Toledo inside the Toledo Museum of Art. Prompted by a dream where she envisioned a series of vibrant angel and spirit paintings, she created the Spirit Series using oil pastels on paper. She currently publishes and sells prints, greeting cards and originals featuring her Spirit Series through her on-line gallery: www.spiritseries.com. Her artwork has been widely accepted by the spiritual community and can be found in public and private collections world wide.

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