On Christmas day preceding the New Year 1985, my present from Spirit was a vision: I felt "seeded" to create a line of paintings, in the specific format of "mandalas", that would be vibrational templates to facilitate the great transformations that human consciousness is currently exploring.

Why mandalas? - Because Mandalas ("sacred circles" in sanskrit or "medicine Wheels" in native american wisdom) are circular-spiral designs and therefore they embody within their vortex structure a powerful way to remap the perception of multiplicity into Oneness. What (and Who) Are Mandalas? Mandalas are wave-guides for the Journey To The Center. Mandalas speak the ancient-future logoic language of cosmic creation: they activate archetypal codes embedded within the primordial core of Consciousness itself.

On a personal level, at that time in my life, I was at a cross-roads and ready for some potent life-purpose to unfold. The Christmas vision was a direct answer to my inner prayer to "please show me a concrete way to celebrate, within myself and with others, the Joy of Life".



A selection of StarWheels:

StarWheel 90: Room of Ra
StarWheel 88: Hyper-Sphere
StarWheel 87: Merkaba 24
StarWheel 81: Eden Ship
StarWheel 80: Alma Uria
StarWheel 73: Ter-Na-Ra
StarWheel 67: Ka Ur
StarWheel 61: Labrys-13
StarWheel 56: Bi-Buddha
StarWheel 52: Mother Sphere
StarWheel 45: Eye Dive
StarWheel 40: Triad Stela
StarWheel 30: Quanta Cross
StarWheel 21: Padma Planet
StarWheel 9: Soul Craft
StarWheel 5: Temple Mirror
StarWheel 2: Galactic Disk
StarWheel 1: Star Seed

Art is a Spiritual Path
As a visual artist, it is clear to me that I am not to use my canvas as a landfill to dump my ego-based fantasies or confusions. Nor am I to disguise as "art" a clever attempt to ride on some media--created fad. Rather, I feel the essential responsibility and soul-seated call to turn my canvas into an ascension pad for sharing and launching sacred inspiration. If my artwork does not inspire others to BE their very best and to atune themselves to their very own inner source, then I am not ready yet to show my work in public but I still need to work on myself.

In the course of artistic creativity, a catharsis process occurs periodically: that is the use of some art medium as a way to shed an old skin and to clear up some energy blocks preventing further growth. This is not sacred art , but only preparatory exercises to facilitate direct access to the next level of inspired creativity. Unfortunately, a lot of modern / contemporary art is publicized and marketed at this preparatory stage. And many artists, deluded and encouraged by the current model of "art & culture", are attempting to cash on their personal confusion by calling upon an equally confused public to fill in or validate their existential blanks. Because of the far-reaching implications (business / socio-political / ideological) of contemporary visual arts and advertising, sacredness has been stamped out of art. Artists and art schools are basically unconscious supporters of the overall status quo (or regression) turning art objects into cataloged commodities and soul creativity into an academic specialty.

Artists are Global Shamans
My personal experience has led me to know that the co-creation of the frequency fields involved in colors, sounds, shapes and motions in space is a highly powerful (and sacred) business that brings along the need for personal integrity and spiritual responsibility. In the past (as well as in some contemporary un-westernized cultures), art was reserved to some shaman-priests, i. e. those in charge of bridging between the visible worlds and the invisible domains: would-be artists were to apprentice under a master until they had become masters of themselves and therefore of their art. Until recently, art was a specialized path of initiation and the creation of art objects was an essential part of a spiritual training about the "magical power" of shapes / sounds / colors / dances... and their combinations into rituals & ceremonies. Tibetan art is a beautiful example of an art consciously kept "sacred".

History has accelerated in the last two centuries and even more obviously in the last two decades. Because technology has been providing better and cheaper access to the production / consumption of audio-visual frequencies, we have been deluged with perceptual data that add up to an overall pollution. This sensory overload eats up the sacred silence of non-perception and no-mind which, in my spirit experience, is the fountain of creativity and the source of well-being. But just as the pollution of the eco-environment is triggering a collective awakening, the meaninglessness and triviality of many contemporary art products is also triggering an exploration into the sacred meaning of colors / shapes / sounds / motions... as a higher evolutionary language speaking in words of "frequency holograms" and using the grammar of inner-dimensional consciousness.

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     starwheel 81: ede..
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     starwheel 73: ter..
     starwheel 67: ka ..
     starwheel 61: lab..
     starwheel 56: bi-..
     starwheel 52: mot..
     starwheel 45: eye..
     starwheel 40: tri..
     starwheel 30: qua..
     starwheel 21: pad..
     starwheel 9: soul..
     starwheel 5: temp..
     starwheel 2: gala..
     starwheel 1: star..

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