You have been introduced to many, many beings in the religions and especially in the esoteric teachings, may it be Arch-Angels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Elohims, Saints and so forth. They are Messengers between YOU and ME, THE LIGHT. At some point within your journey into Separation you forgot that you are of THE LIGHT. You do Not need them really, you can connect to ME directly at any time.

If you prefer to connect to ME through the many beings who serve me as Messengers, please do so, since they are there to operate as Messengers.

The Egg
The Love you are, the Devotion manifested in the moment you PARTED from ME has been full of JOY, because you took up a journey of walking within ME, into Separation, and I made a darkroom, like an EGG where you can play being separated from ME.

All the Pain you felt, of parting from parents, parting from friends, parting within relationships, parting of relatives who passed away, all that time you felt the Pain of parting and Separation within your human-experience, you repeated the former Parting you did from ME, every single time, and every tear you cried, was a tear from ME, through every one of you, EVERYONE, through EVERYONE I experience the Joy of Love, Devotion, and also the Pain and Longing, Through YOU I'm able to Experience the MANY.

I AM THE LIGHT, and I do have many messengers -- some made Religions for ME, some made cults, some killed for ME, some built temples, some lived in joy, some in despair, some did nothing but waited. You can do whatever you like. I don't expect anything from YOU, because you are in ME, you can choose to be with ME, when you remember ME.


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